Hey, your aff is locked? How do I request it? Thanks. Because I loveeee your stories.

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uhm, yes, my AFF is forever locked. It won’t be accessible to anybody anymore. Consider that account deleted/disabled. However, let me express my warm THANKYUUU!! because of your love for my stories.


but if you want to read something, all i have is an unfinished one » "Alluring Demon Prince"


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Hi. I was wondering if I could follow you on twitter since there will be no other means to follow you here in Tumblr or AFF?

yes of course ^^ i am @anicayoon and do send me a tweet :)) i’d love to chat with you.

my account is locked, so i’ll be checking requests :)

Winter Love.

I looked at the calendar. Saw the date for today. It’s been almost 2 weeks without you.


 I guess that’s just what life is about. There are certain things that are as important that needs to be taken cared of.  I went to open the closet, put on some clothes and decided to have a walk. Without any particular place to go to, I decided to let my feet lead the way.

The sun is starting to set and it seems to get a little colder. I slid my hands on the pocket of my coat. I was still wandering when I passed by a coffee shop.

“Hmm. The smell of coffee..” I then remembered our time spent together.

Still wandering when I passed by a shop. Winter clothes were being displayed. I haven’t really realized that I was staring at the shop window. Winter is coming soon and yet you’re still not around. Loneliness is slowly consuming me.

So I decided to keep wondering. I guess I just wanted to forget about how lonely I have been for the past weeks. I saw a bench and decided to just seat there for a while. I saw a couple passing by. They both look so happy. They were walking hand in hand with love on their eyes.

“I guess I better go back..”

On my way back I stopped at the coffee shop I passes by earlier to get myself a coffee. I was sipping my coffee and so I wasn’t prepared when I went outside the coffee shop and saw that someone standing there with a longing smile on his face. For a while I was surprised. The coffee I was holding almost slipped my hands.

Choi Siwon.

“Is this real? Or my eyes are just playing tricks on me?” my feet were frozen. I couldn’t move even an inch.

He walked towards me, held my hand, enveloped me in a tight hug and placed a soft kiss on my head.

“Siwon..” I said, almost to a whisper.

He cupped my face. Both of us are staring at each other’s eyes intently. I saw longing and love in his eyes.

“I missed you so much Kyu.. After everything was done I immediately flew back to see you baby.. Neomu saranghae.”

He hugged me again. Lovingly and tenderly. Tears started to escape my eyes. Tears of longing and of happiness..

“Baby, don’t cry. It hurts me seeing you cry.” he wiped my tears while saying those words.

Smile began to curve on my lips.

“Those were my happy tears. I missed you as much..”

Slowly, he moved his face closer to mine. Our lips met. It was a kiss. Soft and tender and full of love. It was short but sweet.

“Let’s go back before the night gets even darker..” he said with anticipation.

We went back. Hands intertwined. My heart now felt a lot better.


I have to prepare for my Winter that’s approaching.

My Winter that has long nights.

My Winter that has a lot of you.